The man he is becoming

Scrolling through over 300 photos posted by their summer camp, I came across this one of our son and daughter. And now, days later, I find I can’t get it out of my head, because in it I see not just my son as he is today, but also the man he is becoming.

Blame it on the lighting, or his serious expression, or the accidental contouring provided through a combination of sweat and dirt. But looking at this picture I’m struck by how old he looks. He hovers between childhood and adulthood, and in this photo he looks more like the man that he will become than the child he has been.

It is a reminder of how fast the time is going – the days are long, but the years are short – and makes me grateful we decided to allow him to skip the first days of school to spend the week on vacation. I can tell you we made the decision based on his needing the rest, or wanting to make a positive first impression, but the truth is we only have a few summers left before he leaves our nest, only to return for visits. Those three days, while important for school, are crucial for me. For us.

I need those three extra days to watch him play. To hold his hand. To listen to his stories. And to revel in the boy he is and the man he is becoming.

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8 thoughts on “The man he is becoming

  1. This is beautiful. I’m crying at my desk. I hope you have a wonderful vacation; I can guarantee that time together will be more memorable and significant than a few missed days of school.


  2. The first thing I noticed when you posted this picture was what a young man he is growing in to. We have to grab the moments with our kids while we have them.


  3. How irresponsible of you not to have a “don’t read wearing mascara” warning! Beautiful photo and sentiment.


  4. Kristin, my heart is in the same place. My daughter graduated college last December, had a job before graduation and is working full time as a communications director. She just turned 23 this summer and lives with us until she can find a suitable (read affordable and safe) apartment and so far this has worked out well for my husband and I. We are all independent but have enjoyed having this time together. When she tells of her day and the work she is doing, I have to stop and say…wait, this is my little girl, the baby I gave birth to? This young woman, all grown up yet still at the beginning of her life, amazes me. I have a little glimpse into the woman she will be at 30 and beyond. Such a gift, in such a bittersweet way. I’m so grateful to have her in my life.
    What a beautiful photo of your children, growing up. Hold it dear.


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