Wait. . . when does school start?

I was feeling pretty smug as I sat down last night to start filling out the back to school forms – smug, because they are not due tomorrow, but instead in a few weeks. Smug, because we’ve been working our way through the summer reading, I know where the back-to-school supply lists are, the annual physicals are scheduled for later this week and and a planned trip for supply shopping is on the calendar for the same day.

Smug, until I realized we had a major problem . . . our son’s first day of school is one week earlier than I thought it was. Normally not an issue except we had scheduled a family vacation in Maine because I, mistakenly, thought our son started the same week as our daughter.

So what are we going to do? Well it’s too late to cancel our reservation (nor do I want to cancel – mommy NEEDS a vacation). So it looks like one of us will be driving back from Maine on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning to take a potentially disgruntled/furious teenager to his first day of school.

Guess who isn’t feeling so smug now?

One of these things is not like the other...
One of these things is not like the other…

5 thoughts on “Wait. . . when does school start?

  1. It’s easy for me to say (as I would probably do the same thing you are proposing), but can he skip it? I understand that it is the first day of school, but will it really set him back that much to miss the first day or two?


  2. Our town is starting back Sept 1. First time before Labor Day since anyone can remember. I have the feeling close to half the kids will be missing those first days… I vote for skipping as long as he doesn’t stress about it. It’s just two days.


  3. Wow, we don’t start school here in Oregon until September 8th. Of course, we’re also in school through mid-June every year.


  4. I can laugh at this but only barely- it so easily could have happened in our house. Never messed up the start of school but boy those vacations sure can be sneaky. And let’s not even speak of half-days.


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