My name is Kristin Brandt and I am Embracing Extraordinary.

What, you may wonder, does that mean?

“Embracing Extraordinary” is not about bragging, or showing off. But it is about owning who I am, and not allowing others to diminish me, my accomplishments, my goals or my personality through their judgements, their comments or their personal biases. It means learning to trust my instincts, and knowing when to ignore my biggest critic – myself.

“Embracing Extraordinary” is about celebrating the big accomplishments as well as embracing the little moments, the small wins, the tiny successes. It’s also about learning from the big failures, the not-so-good moments, the crashes, the burns, the wipe outs and embarrassments.

“Embracing Extraordinary” is about trying new things, taking on new challenges and defining my own success. While on this blog many of those challenges will be of a fitness/racing nature, my goal is to embrace the extraordinary in all parts of my life, as a parent, a wife, a marketer, an employer, a friend, and a daughter.

“Embracing Extraordinary” is about telling stories, sharing experiences, and encouraging readers – those I know, and those I have yet to meet – to embrace their own extraordinary.

“Embracing Extraordinary” is about being serious. Silly. Creative. Committed. Contemplative. And enjoying the journey.

I hope you will join me along the way.

Kristin Brandt