Challenges and cracked ribs

Dryer Road ParkRecently, my husband and I took our cyclocross bikes to explore the over 10 miles of single track available at Dryer Park Road in Victor, New York.

Feeling a little cocky after successfully navigating the mountain bike trails (including surviving a black diamond trail called “Juicy Bacon”) I turned my bike towards the bicycle skills area. It was here I ran into trouble – hitting the top of a buried tractor tire I stalled and tipped over, landing on my side and knocking the wind out of myself.

Almost two weeks later my ribs are severely bruised (or cracked) making sleeping and sneezing painful, and forcing me to take a time out from most physical activities.

Some, including my doctor and Homer Simpson, would probably tell me the lesson to be learned from my latest misadventures is not to take unnecessary risks. But here’s what they don’t realize –

I fell because I didn’t commit.

Approaching the obstacle I was going too slow as I tried to evaluate the situation and avoid hurting myself. But as a rider I know that when obstacles are concerned, speed can be your friend, helping you over the bumps in the trail. Instead, what I should have done is stopped, checked out the obstacles, then either decided not to ride OR hit it at a proper speed.

Recovering from my injuries, I am reminded that the same can be said for most challenges – doing something halfway is a recipe for failure. Instead, we need to evaluate a situation and determine if we are going to take on the challenge or not. Then, with a course of action set, don’t look back – just go.