Applying for Team Betty

Betty DesignsWith encouragement from my friend, teammate and unofficial life coach Alex, I decided to apply to be a part of Team Betty 2016. I’ll admit, I hesitated before pulling the trigger – not because I don’t believe in the brand, I do.

I love the fierce prettiness of the designs,  the dangerous beauty of the logo (a skull with a butterfly? A skullerfly?), the message behind #BadassIsBeautiful, and the idea of being part of a team of fierce, capable, awesome women athletes.

Which is where I hesitated. I believe I’m capable. I have my days when I feel fierce. And awesome. But I’ve struggled with embracing the label of athlete. I’m athletic, yes. But AN athlete? That has always felt like something different. Something you are, not something you become.

But then I hear Alex telling me to get over myself and embrace the athlete in me (she would probably be more eloquent but that’s the message I would come away with). So today I did, and applied to be a member of Team Betty.

Even if I don’t make it, I’m already feeling pretty badass.

(Did I mention that the head Betty’s name is Kristin, spelled with an “i”?)

Post tri with my friend Alex.
Post tri with my friend Alex.


Why are you a Betty?
Tell us what makes you a Betty!

In many ways, I already feel like a Betty. Starting my “adventures in fitness”  in 2012, after a stapled hemorrhoidopexy (look it up if you dare) that allowed me to walk & run without discomfort for the first time in years, I raced in “stealth mode” selecting a pale grey tri-suit that wouldn’t draw attention to myself or my race. In the years since those first races, what I race has changed to include 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and cyclocross.

As I gained confidence the gear on the outside changed – I’ve embraced my inner athlete and discovered my outer fashionista. The grey kit was replaced in 2014 with something a bit brighter, but this year I made the final leap, into a Garden Party. Racing this year in my new kit I felt like, for the first time, my inside and my outside matched.

Are you active on social media? Why do you post on Facebook, Instagram etc?

I use social media both personally and professionally (I own a marketing and advertising agency in Massachusetts). Personally it allows me to connect with all my communities – working mom, business owner, neighbor, athlete. In addition to managing the social media for my clients, I also manage the content strategy for my husband’s bike shop.


My Husband’s Bike Shop

What does #badassisbeautiful mean to you?
Please limit your response to 3 to 5 sentences. (Editorial added for this blog post – the day I can stick to 3 to 5 sentences…)

#Badassisbeautiful is about my body – It’s not about how my body looks, but how it feels. Strong. Healthy. Capable.

#Badassisbeautiful is about defining success – I don’t always (rarely) make it to the podium, but I’m always motivated to do my best, learn from my failures and celebrate my successes. It’s also about taking on new challenges and “Dragons to slay” – in 2016, the dragon I’m considering is the Pan-Mass Challenge.

#Badassisbeautiful is about my community – Not just the women I’ve met who inspire me, support me, push me, beat me and laugh with met, but also  the women I meet that I can welcome, encourage and support as they start their own adventures.

#Badassisbeautiful is about my children – Teaching my son (13) and my daughter (10) that you are never too old to try something new (and fail miserably), that it’s not always about winning, and that sometimes the biggest achievement is just getting out of bed in the morning, having a good attitude and trying your best.