Deep thoughts

Deep thoughtsIn the car today (am I the only one who has the best conversations with my children when in the car?), I listened to Sophie and her friend (we’ll call her “A”), chatting:

A: What’s your biggest fear?

S: To be forgotten.

Me: To be forgotten? Like when we go on vacation? Like Home Alone?

S: No. That everyone in the world will forget I was ever here.

Me: . . . um, okay . . . (really, what is one to say to that??)

A: I meant something like spiders.

S: Oh, I’m not scared of spiders.

One thought on “Deep thoughts

  1. There’s something about them being in the back seat and not able to look you in the eye, I think. I get a lot of real insight into my daughter from conversations in the car, especially when she’s with friends.

    When my son is younger, he was more likely to drop profound thoughts like, “What if everyone in the world were cats?” or “If our heads were all on our bodies the other way, we could all see our own butts.”


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