I used to be somebody

When, according to my son, I was someone (hanging out with Otie from Chevrolet).
When, according to my son, I was someone (hanging out with Otie from Chevrolet).

Tonight, as we drove home, our son asked me about Manic Mommies:

A: How long did you do Manic Mommies?

K: Nine and a half years.

A: That’s a long time.

K: Sure is.

A: I miss it.

K: What do you miss about it?

A: The trips. Like when we went to Disney with Chevrolet.

K: That didn’t happen all that frequently, did it?

A: No. But you used to have all those people listening to you. You were like Lady Gaga. . .

K: of motherhood? I was the Lady Gaga of Motherhood?

A: Yes, and now . . .

[Silence – which I can only interpret as the moment of silence for the death of my status as the Lady Gaga of Motherhood.]

A: Maybe you and I could start a podcast.

K: What would we talk about? Girls?

A: That would be gross.

8 thoughts on “I used to be somebody

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love that talking about girls is gross 🙂 BTW – I would listen with my 10yo son 😉


  2. Manic Mommies was and still is who you ladies are, you have made such a difference in so many lives all over the world. We all miss you both, but just like our little rugrats that we love to vent about, you and Erin needed to get on to new adventures, and leave the nest of your podcast. We are all MM podcast empty-nesters now…but are better moms for it. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Cant wait to see what you do next….you know you love it superstars! 🙂


  3. Awww. That could be fun. Or crazy. As the parent of two girls (just-turned-10 and almost-5), I’d be very interested to hear what boys think. Or maybe just what they want for birthdays, because every time my oldest gets invited to a boy’s party we wander Target, clueless, and then assign my husband to the task of finding a gift.

    I just listened to the last Manic Mommies podcast this week–half on Sunday and the rest last night. (I had to gear up for it, you know.) I too will be interested to see what you do next. And I’m really glad you’re still blogging. 🙂


  4. Do a podcast with him! It doesn’t have to be weekly, but what about a monthly geek podcast? It would give him a chance to share his love of dragons and wizards! I know that my family would listen…my 6yo claims that he will be attending Hogwarts in the future.

    And all 3 of my kids are obsessed with being on podcasts (Hubs and I host 3) and we plan on having them all on at some point. We do it because it is fun and THEY see how much fun we are having, so of course they want to join!


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