The hero she needs

There was a moment, near the climax of Captain Marvel, when our hero is flooded with memories of crashes and failures as she pushed her limits. As she turned memories into motivation, with young Carol Danvers standing up each time to try again, our daughter whispered in my ear . . .

“It’s so much harder to get up after you’ve crashed.”

This, my friends, is why my daughter need more movies, and heroes, like Captain Marvel.

My daughter needs to see women like Carol, who throughout her life crashed and burned, only to get up and try it again.

My daughter needs to see friendships like the one between Carol and Marie Rambeau – strong, supportive, loving.

My daughter needs to see women like Carol and Marie, working together to reach their goals to go Higher. Faster. Further.

My daughter needs to see women like Captain Marvel, who stop listening to those who tell her to ‘stay calm,’ and instead embrace their power.

My daughter needs to see men like Nick Fury who work with women like Captain Marvel while others may consider her emotional, intense or intimidating.

My daughter needs to see that strong women can be fooled, they can make mistakes, and they can admit to those errors and work to correct them.

My daughter needs to see that when we tell these stories, that people will come to watch, or listen, or read (which, I’m thrilled to say, they did).

As the final credits rolled, and we were left breathless by the post-credit scene, I asked our daughter what she thought her father thought of the movie. Her reply?

“Who cares?”


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  1. As always, my dear friend…. you capture so well. Though I think our daughter and our sons can get the same.


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