Recording for a reason

As I write this, I am trying to remember how to put together a podcast with Garage Band, a program I once spent many (many, many, MANY) hours using, mixing together a reunion episode of Manic Mommies.

During the hour(ish) long episode Erin and I catch up on life with teenagers, husbands, friends (or lack thereof) and dogs – reflecting that we need the podcast more than ever did when the children were younger!

For those of you who find this development exciting, you can thank my podcasting-partner-in-crime, Erin, for offering to record the episode as a way to raise money for my 2017 Pan-Mass Challenge ride to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

So, here’s the scoop. As of today, I have raised $3,100 – when I reach $7,800 we will release the link for both this year’s reunion episode, as well as last year’s episode for those who missed it. As a member of Team Perry, 100% of your donation the funds I raise will support gastrointestinal cancer research – which will represent almost 1/4 of all new cancer diagnoses and will be responsible for 1/3 of the cancer deaths, this year – at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Making a donation in honor of someone special? Tell me when you make the donation and I will carry his or her name with me during my ride.

One thought on “Recording for a reason

  1. Ah! Great idea.

    You know what’d raise some fast money? Releasing the oldies – back ftom the second Bush administration, you were 2 new moms with wine running through your veins and toddlers running the house.

    You gals used to tuck me in! I’d listen to your chit chat and it’d make me forget about my stuff. So long ago already!
    You two felt like me buds. Creepy?

    I’ll figure out how to donate. Can’t wait to hear what is up. And best wishes on the ride! You are an inspiration.


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