Focusing on the success not the failure

As I’ve written before, I am not a morning person. But I’m trying to be – and on many days I’m succeeding with help from the Team Betty effect and Mel Robbin’s “5 Second Rule” (the 5 seconds being those that separate me from the gym or my bike trainer).

Three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – I have been able to get up before 6 am to exercise. But my goal has been four days a week. On Fridays, however, my brain may be willing but the body has not been able. And so I end up laying in my bed – half sleeping/half stewing about my failure.

Today I realized this is ridiculous. Instead of celebrating my success – getting up early 3 days, two of them with a teenager in tow – I’ve been focusing on the failure. The day I’m not getting up.

(And while getting a teenager to the gym is something I am very proud of, I should give full credit to my son for being one of the reasons I DO get up two days a week).

So I’m giving my biggest critic – me – a reality check. I’m realigning my expectations, brushing off the feeling of failure and focusing on the successes.

And next week I’m sleeping until 7 on Friday.

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