Is the sky still the limit?

For the second time in four years, I have watched two incredibly smart, accomplished, experienced women take a run for president of the United States only to face rejection.

I know there are many reasons someone may have voted for another candidate, but most conversations I’ve had with people who decided to vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren were not about policies.

Specifically, I’ve been told:

  • I don’t like how she talks to people
  • I just don’t like her
  • She’s not relatable
  • She’s not dynamic enough
  • She’s too loud
  • She’s dishonest
  • She’s too shrill
  • She’s too much
  • I don’t think she’s electable

Not that they don’t agree with her policies. Not that they think someone else has better policies. But that they just don’t like her.

I’ll admit, it’s hard not to take it a bit personally. And it’s even more upsetting given the candidates who have risen to the top. But what is making mad and sad right now, is I don’t know what to say to our daughter.

I don’t know how to tell her that anything is possible.

How to tell her that it’s okay that some people just won’t “get” her – she can still succeed. That her hard work will off. That when she outperforms her male peers she will be rewarded. That it’s okay to be Smart. Ambitious. Outspoken.

I don’t know how to tell her that every day she may be made to feel that she is both too much and not enough.

I don’t know how to tell her that, today, I’m not sure the sky is the limit.

What would you say to my daughter? What are you saying to yours?