An organization I work with posted a photo and interview with me yesterday, and while I knew I should share the link, I found myself hesitating as I all could focus on was the bags under my eyes.

I mean look at them. I’m fairly certain I could use those bags to carry everything I need for our upcoming trip to Europe. And how cute does the woman next to me look? (This is also a lesson in why no one takes a good picture when they are talking).

As a mom of a young woman, I want to be a good model for her about how to embrace my aging. I know what I’m supposed to tell her – My face is my story. The laugh lines and freckles tell the tale of time spent with family and friends. Of a life well lived.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

There are times I wouldn’t mind if the bags were a little bit smaller – maybe something more the size of a stylish clutch than a steamer trunk. Or perhaps we could start using photos of our favorite body part for our profile pics – because, frankly, my midriff is looking pretty amazing these days. What are the chances the midriff shirt is going to become a trend for professional dress?


Most of the time I’m more than okay with what’s going on with my face. (Does that sound as weird as I think it does?). In fact, I am absolutely more confident in my appearance, and my life, than I was when I was younger.

And I try to be honest about what’s happening. I’m not going to sign up for plastic surgery, but I will pick up cream for help fighting the good fight. I don’t “tune” my pictures because I want our girl to see me, and I think it makes me look flat.

That being said, I’m the first to skip any filter that makes the bags stand out.

I also really like sunglasses. And hats.

Perhaps that’s the look I can start rocking at meetings and on my professional profile?

At 46 years old, I know this is just the beginning of the things that are going to sag, and bag, and wrinkle. I get it. I accept it. As my mom once said, it’s better than the alternative.

But I will also be picking up another pack of gold eye masks – if only because they make me feel fancy.