(Almost) ready for spring

The end of 2018 was marked by the usual chaos and then, it ended.

Without any commitments other than school, work and the occasional meal with friends, we found some room to breathe.

And, in the quiet of each weekend created as the kids slept in or just hunkered down, and Steve went to work, I found space for myself.

I stayed caught up with shows, got laundry done, and organized all the cabinets. I let my mind wander – writing, painting, and even trying to make bread.

I found time to take care of myself, to exercise and to get my hair cute and colored before it drove me crazy. And I got things done that have been hanging over my head – including opening bank accounts for the kids.

But as the month winds down, I know these quiet days are numbered. Speaking gigs planned months ago are now mere weeks away. Lacrosse clinics and scrimmages have started, and the spring calendar is starting to fill up games, practices, open houses, info sessions, team meetings and rides.

And I’m almost ready for it. Ready to cheer on the kids. To reconnect with parents and teammates. To join friends for a ride. To let the laundry pile up and the activities to take over.

At least I will be – in a couple of weeks.