In the zone

I’ve been packed since yesterday. Officially, I’ve been packed since 10:45 this morning, but the packing has been happening all week as I piled up all of the things I need for the Pan-Mass Challenge.

Since then I’ve been wandering around the house. I did my nails. Watched a movie. Changed our sheets. Cleaned the kitchen. I was feeling badly about how unproductive I was being – I could check email, clean my home office, or fill out school forms – but then I realized what was going on.

I’m in the zone.

Completing the Pan-Mass Challenge has been my “big hairy audacious goal” for 2016 and I’m ready.

My fundraising is complete with friends, family and the community helping me raise over $7,500, 100% of which will benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund (and qualifying me as a “Heavy Hitter”).

My training is complete, and the stats show the effort. Since the start of 2016, I have logged 1,661.3 miles and climbed 88,140 feet on my bike. (Compare that to all of 2015 when I rode 1,486.1 miles and climbed 40,722 ft.)

My  stomach is calm (for the first time in a week), my bike is ready, my bags are packed and my brain is focused on one thing – taking it all in. This is not a race. I’m pretty sure it’s not just a ride either. Maybe I will do it again, maybe I won’t. Either way, I have no doubt this weekend, whatever happens, will be the experience of a lifetime.

And I’m ready.

Thank you everyone for your support, advice, encouragement and donations as I’ve prepared for this weekend. You can follow my progress, as well as all your favorite Pan-Mass Riders, by visiting

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