One is silver and the other’s gold

Last week, my friend and former partner-in-podcasting, Erin, met in New York City to record a reunion episode of our podcast, Manic Mommies. Having retired over a year ago, we weren’t sure what we would say (or be comfortable sharing), or even if we remembered how to turn on the microphone!

Happily, it felt like old times as we shared updates on our kids, our husbands and our lives – with some things changing significantly, and others not at all (I’m looking at you dear husband of mine).

As with any reunion, be it for high school, college, or other significant stage of your life, the recording was bittersweet. We reflected on how, since hanging up the mike, we haven’t spoken nearly as frequently as we had over the past 10 years, and the importance geography, circumstance and timing play in any friendship.

There is a Girl Scout song that I think of often when I consider the comings and goings of friends . . . “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.”

Since we closed the book on Manic Mommies (how many ways can I say “retired?”), I have been lucky to have a few new, very dear friends, enter my life. Each brings me joy, gives me support, lends an ear, shares advice, and enriches my life, and I hope I do the same for them.

But that doesn’t mean that my friendship with Erin, while changed, has ended. While I was reminded during our last visit how much I miss seeing and speaking with her, I was also reassured by how easily we slipped into our conversation – Reminding me of the rest of the song. . .  “a circle is round, it has no end, that’s how long you’ll be my friend.”

Thank you to all of the Manic Mommies who contributed to my Pan-Mass Challenge ride. Reconnecting with this amazing community has been humbling, gratifying and overwhelming. It’s to you, we dedicate our Reunion Show. Download the MP3.

IMPORTANT: The reunion podcast will be available for a limited time. On April 19, 2016, the link to the show will expire. 

6 thoughts on “One is silver and the other’s gold

  1. I’ve JUST started listening to podcasts (the FattyCast and Ride Kite Prayer’s Pace Line). I also do webinar recording. Any tips on good microphones and recording techniques?

    My microphone is Audio-Technica, and it sounds pretty good, but I get a bit of “hollow” sound as if I’m getting echo off of solid surfaces. It’s a small room with a solid desk surface. I could perhaps move, since it’s really only the microphone and notebook computer that I need. I *think* I get better sound if I put a beach towel out on the desktop.

    I’m just using the basic Windows sound utilities plus Snagit to do screen capture and combine in the audio. Tips welcome!


    1. The microphone definitely matters – after a lot of experimentation, our last mic (and the one I used for the reunion episode) is a Samson Meteor Mic. I liked the portability, the sound quality and the ease of use. Putting it on something soft – I had a baby blanket I would drape over my desk, and keeping close to the mic will help with some of the hollowness.

      I’m a Apple-user, so I’m not familiar with what is available for recording and mixing. I used Audio Hijack Pro to record the sound, and GarageBand for mixing. In the past, when I needed it, I used a little app called “Levelator” to level our voices. (I don’t believe it’s being supported anymore).

      If I can make one recommendation it’s focus on the sound quality – it can make or break your project. Here’s a blog I did on the topic for my agency:

      Happy to discuss anytime!


    1. Come to the Naptime Radio Sanity Check in Indianapolis April 29th-May 1st! That’s your Escape all planned out for you!! 😁


  2. That was just perfect, Kristin and Erin! It just felt like old times. I could drive and listen to the Manic Mommies and laugh and agree with you out loud. Thanks for a great episode….sure do miss you guys, but I’m glad you have found peace and other hobbies after ending a year ago. The only thing missing….Kristin saying “BYE!!” At the very end 😊🍷🍷.


  3. Wow. Today’s commute was the best commute in years. I have missed hearing you two talk and laugh and just have fun together. And it sounded like you two needed some time together – so this was the perfect excuse. Perhaps a once a year podcast just to say hi? No? OK, just thought I would try! I also kept waiting for Kristin to say BYE! – but then was glad she did not. No goodbyes. Although I am sure it was overlooked – and maybe you did not notice you always did that – it made my heart feel better that maybe there will be another one someday. Thank you both for all of the sacrifices you made over the years. It meant so much to so many of us. I do agree, it is not fair to the kids to say much about them now – so it was time. I say, Manic Grammies may need to begin in 10 years or so! Think about it. NO? Well, just think about it… Miss you both like crazy! Listener since Episode One (when my own little B was a mere few months old!), Shannan (from Oklahoma). 🙂 ❤


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