Planning a Year of Sweat, Dirt & Challenges

For weeks I have been pondering my race/ride schedule with an eye towards balancing epic adventures with plenty of time for rest and recovery – my ultimate goal is to be ready for the Pan-Mass Challenge in August.

I have often said that in the past few years I have discovered there are countless opportunities for fun and adventure, as long as you are willing to run or ride – The real issue is there are too many things to choose from!

For this year, I’m looking to get dirty, get sweaty, push my limits and face my fears. With that in mind, this is my current schedule – some are favorites from past years, but most are new. And, of course anything could change, because you know  . . . there are so many fun things to do.



  • Tour of Sufferlandria – February 6 – 14th
    To benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation
    Daily rides with the residents of Sufferlandria. There will be pain – and chafing.
  • Fat Bike vacation with the kids – February 13th – 20th
    (I may have to cut the tour short to ensure this is a fun vacation, if you know what I mean)


  • Tri-Mania – Boston – March 19th
    Hope to join other members of Team Betty for a 10K indoor team time trial!


  • Raputitsa Gravel Road Race – April 16th
    To benefit the JAM Fund and Little Bellas
    45 mile unsanctioned gravel road race (ride)



  • Ashland Trail Race  – Date TBD
  • Century ride with a friend
  • XTERRA French River – June 25th
    Paddling (or swimming), mountain biking & trail running



  • Pan-Mass Challenge – August 6th and 7th
    To benefit Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Day 1 – Sturbridge to Bourne – 111 miles
    Day 2 – Bourne to Provincetown -81 miles


  • Cyclocross begins


  • Gran Fondo Hincape

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