Until we meet again

At the end of every council fire at summer camp, we sang this song:

Round the blazing council fire’s light
We have met in comradeship tonight
Round about the whispering trees
Guard our golden memories.
And so before, we close our eyes to sleep
Let us pledge each other that we’ll keep
Camping friendships strong and deep
‘Till we meet again.

With Manic Mommies coming to an end, I find myself thinking of these lyrics. Life is a series of beginnings and endings, some achieved such as graduations, others forced upon us (as when I left summer camp kicking and screaming), and others chosen as with this podcast and blog.

Deciding to retire isn’t easy, but I know it is the right time because as we close the book on Manic Mommies, I have no regrets. Instead, I am filled with gratitude and pride as I look back on the past nine years.

I am grateful for the friendship I have forged with Erin, and by extension, her family. In a very real way Manic Mommies helped us transition from neighbors to friends across state lines.

I am grateful for the friendships I have discovered through Manic Mommies – some online, some in person. It’s hard making friends, and you made it easy.

I am grateful for the listeners and readers who shared our laughter, tears, successes and failures. That you took time out of your lives to listen to our stories still amazes me.

I’m grateful to the Manic Mommies community for sharing their wisdom and lending their support to Erin and I through so many things, and providing us with the validation when this parenting-thing had knocked us down. I’m looking forward to staying connected with each of you through our Facebook Page and other social channels.

I am grateful to the advisors, the supporters, and the sponsors for lending us their counsel, their support (emotionally and monetarily).

I am grateful to the “semi-regular” guests – Dr. Rob, the Meal Makeover Moms – as well as the authors, experts, and others who came on the show to share their wisdom, and answer our questions.

I am grateful to our families for allowing us to take the time for ourselves to, in the words of my husband from our “second” intro – “podcast again.” While I know you didn’t always like us sharing your stories, you understood our need to “talk it out” and “find the funny.”

I am grateful for the places I’ve been able to visit, and the adventures we’ve had because of Manic Mommies – remember when Julia Louis Dreyfus hugged me? Did that really happen?

And, believe it or not, I’m grateful to be able to bow out of Manic Mommies gracefully – she came into the world unexpectedly, but we couldn’t (wouldn’t) let her “fade” into the pod-o-sphere. She deserves that consideration and so do our listeners.

Just because ending the blog and podcast is right, doesn’t mean it’s easy. I am left wondering what life will be like post-Manic Mommies. While I don’t know what will come next, I do know one thing to be sure – we will meet again.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being part of the Manic Mommies story.

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65 thoughts on “Until we meet again

  1. I will miss you guys! I listened to you since the beginning and I feel like I really know you. What a strange relationship with have with podcasts. Thank you for many hours of entertainment. Wish you both all the best and new adventures.


  2. Thank you very much for all of the time you have put in…I have REALLY appreciated your podcast over the years and have anxiously awaited a new recording every week. 🙂 Even though I can completely understand, I still don’t want to believe it is over. 🙂 Good luck!


  3. I want to thank you so much for all the years of podcasting. I truly appreciated listening to your podcasts. They were especially important to me during the years when I took care of my Mom while she was battling dementia. I barely had time for my family much less for my friends. Listening to your podcasts helped me feel less isolated. I wish the best for both of you. You will be missed.


  4. When my kids were toddlers, your podcast reeled me back from the brink many times. I am so thankful for the many, many laughs and moments of realizing that I wasn’t the only one going through the various crazy trials of motherhood. Picture this: I used to live in Alaska and would walk my kids to the bus stop early in the morning, in the dark, in the snow and then take the long way home for exercise. I would often listen to your podcast to keep me company on the long, dark, cold walk home. I encountered moose more than once and often witnessed gorgeous sunrises over the mountains with your laughter in my ears. Thank you for your years of work and best wishes on your new adventures!


  5. Noooooo!
    I stumbled upon your podcast a couple years ago when I was going through a difficult transition, trying to adjust to being a stepmom to my husband’s kids. I’m Asian with an immigrant upbringing and listening to your podcast helped me to understand the kids better and realize what I was experiencing with them was perfectly normal. Thank you ladies for your honesty, humor, and insight. I admire you both so much and will miss listening to you on my long drives.
    All the best to you and your families with everything going forward. I am so sad!


  6. WOW! You were right, I’m sure people veered off the road and dropped their groceries and everything. You really sprung that on us. What a shocker!!! And I will be really sad not to see your podcast come up in my feed. It was my favorite 😦
    But I understand, it sounds like it takes a lot of time and mental energy. Maybe you should sell your podcast to someone. Or maybe you should do it once a month or once a year! I sure will miss you guys. Weird, I know you so well, but you don’t know me at all 🙂
    Good luck with everything!


  7. Oh Kristen and Erin your were my thing that I did every week. I look forward to your podcast every week. I will miss you. My son is 15 yrs old and I knew what you were going through because I just gone through it m

    Will miss you


  8. So sorry to see you go. Thanks for all the shared memories, struggles and triumphs. Manic mommies was the podcast I waited each week for and rewarded myself with on Friday. Safe travels and new adventures for you both and your families.


  9. I’m going to miss your podcast! You always added to my days when driving to or from work. You are moms that always said how things really were and all the challenges and joys of motherhood. Nobody was perfect, and that’s what I loved! I’m going to miss you guys! When I first heard your podcast, I was living in Alaska with my active duty husband, my son that’s almost 8 next month was just a baby, and we’ve since had three moves around the country. I was thinking, boy, I’ve been listening to this podcast for a REALLY long time! I had some good laughs along the way listening to your show. I always said one day I’d make it to a Manic Mommy reunion, but I guess I can’t after all. Anyway, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


  10. wow! I didn’t see that coming — I was just testing my new wireless headphones. Thank you for being there all these years… I started listening four years ago when my son was a baby, while starting a podcast at work. You’ve been like friends to me, though I’ve never written. I appreciate your sharing, your encouragement and always helping me see that no matter what, I’m not alone in this sometimes crazy place of motherhood. I wish you all the best and thank you, again.


  11. Hello Erin & Kristen:) I have never written in but I want to now to thank you for your podcast! I am in RI and found your podcast probably about 8 years ago. I’ve been a faithful listener ever since!
    In the beginning, I was working full time with a 4 year old and now have two kids, 12 & 6 and working still full time but now for myself in an office at my home. Listening to your stories, transitions and experiences has been fun and relatable ~ thank you for sharing.


  12. OMG ladies!!! What’s happening?? I just came on here to list you as a reference for our show a million years ago and I stumbled upon this! I’m so sorry to hear you are disbanding but like you my life has taken some turns and I’m pursuing my one woman show full time. I left warm up in NY and I”m going big time! Off Broadway!
    Please stay in touch! I’ll be thinking about you. Hoping to get back up to TCAN very soon!
    all my best,


  13. Erin & Kristen,

    You were right….I almost went off the road! Thank you so much for 9+ years of incredible support, learning (your speakers were always great) and out and out laughter. You show meant so much more than you think to so many of us. I have been a listener since the beginning (my oldest is Brendan/Sophie’s age). Sending you tons of well wishes and gratitude for all you have shared over the years. Congratulations and again, thank you!!


  14. So, I know I am a little late with this but I will miss you ladies! Thanks for all the times I just about shot snot out of my nose laughing while sitting at my desk because one of you said something totally hysterical.
    I hope you save all the podcast, not for your fans but for the memories for yourselves and your families. You ladies have a wonderful time vault of memories from some of the most precious times of your kids lives. Thanks, for helping this manic mommy know she isn’t alone with all the crazy things that life can throw your way.
    Have a great manic week!


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