So many reasons to ride

Today I hit the halfway mark on my fundraising for the Pan-Mass Challenge – a major milestone for sure, but also a perfect time to reflect on the past three weeks since signing up.

My training hasn’t been going well – sidelined first by a stomach bug, and now by a head cold, I find myself struggling to get moving. With our son’s encouragement, I have made it to the gym twice this week, which in and of itself felt like an accomplishment.

But even as I’ve struggled this week, I’ve realized this is temporary. I recovered from the nausea and stomach pain in time for a fun fat bike ride with the kids on Sunday. And while I’m dragging a bit, I know this head cold will pass and soon I will be back on the bike, and back on track.

I realize, also, that there are many in my life and my community who are not so lucky. Those that are in the fight of their lives, doing everything right, with no guarantee that they will recover. No promise of a day without nausea, without pain, without fear, without sadness.

In the last three weeks I have received donations from 63 individuals and families from 29 states (California and Massachusetts are tied for the lead). I have loved seeing all the familiar names from my Manic Mommies community, and appreciate all the words of encouragement and support:

Train hard, fight to the finish, and always remember that you are inspiring everyone who sees you. We see your big choices, and we choose to do better ourselves.  – Sarah D.

With the donations have also come dedications. I’ve added each one to my own and plan to carry them with me – to inspire me to train harder, to remind me why I’m riding, and to kick my ass when I’m feeling sorry for myself:

In memory of three badass women – Twig, Pammie & Kathy

For my mother Beverly who is battling cancer

For my 5-year-old son, TJ, who is being treated for kidney cancer

I make this donation in my husbands name – Joe Kelleher – he kicked cancers ASS in 2012 and is still cancer free!

In memory of my husband Mike

In memory of my mom, Vicki Piekarski, who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.

In memory of my uncle, Gordon Honey

For Tom.


In memory of my friend Pamela’s mom Lois

I’m halfway there but still need your help
Established in 1980, the Pan-Mass Challenge raises more money for charity than any other single athletic fundraising event in the country, with 100% of every rider-raised dollar going directly to Dana-Farber. The PMC is Dana-Farber’s largest single contributor, raising more than 50 percent of the Jimmy Fund’s annual revenue. Click here make a contribution. Every little bit helps and is appreciated.

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